Inclusiveness Will Be The New Normal in Post Covid HR

Top 10 Talent Management Service Companies - 2021

With a global pandemic kicking off 2020, the new decade has been filled not only with fevered discussions about our health, wealth, jobs and well-being – but about the impact on our collective futures too. We’ve embraced new technologies more rapidly than we could have imagined. We’ve adopted remote working at speed. And the health and safety of our people has never been more critical.

COVID-19 didn’t just invade bodies, it exposed cracks in existing structures and accelerated change towards what was previously termed the ‘future of work’.

From applicant tracking to onboarding, retention and data-driven decision making, human resources initiatives are increasingly informed by analytics. Even small businesses can benefit from human capital management (HCM) software to record, gather and report the data you need to improve productivity. Powerful cloud-based HCM software is accessible from anywhere and can integrate with other vital business platforms, such as accounting software. HCM solutions also include features that make it easier for your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Further, remote working and flexible schedules also appear to carry mental health benefits. Employees may be skeptical, so whatever direction you choose, be genuine and make concerted efforts. And each business’s needs will be different. Ask your employees what changes they’d like to see. And it may benefit your bottom line with a healthier workforce, as health insurance premiums continue to be one of the top financial concerns for small businesses.

Talent management constantly evolves with workforce changes, economic pressures and technology advancements. Successful and efficient talent management is about more than just paying employees well. It’s about considering their needs and treating them with dignity, respect and fairness. Not only is it the right thing to do, it helps retain employees, improve employee engagement and can even impact sales and customer service. Fostering a culture of respect helps employees and companies succeed through hard work and creativity.

We present to you, “Top 10 Talent Management Service Companies - 2021.”

    Top Talent Management Service Companies

  • A full-service human resource consultancy that provides a unique combination of talent management expertise with an award-winning, metrics-driven, performance management system. Sirvist HRC is committed to partnering with each client to discover, understand, and then evaluate their business needs as well as culture. This in turn is leveraged to design a strategic actionable plan that is tailored to address each client’s specific business needs keeping the organization competitive, competent, and compliant while remaining aligned to the organizations mission and over-arching strategic short and long-term goals. The company assists clients in putting to place a well-proofed diversity and inclusion strategy that attracts top talent as well as drives innovative results

  • 3D Group

    3D Group

    3D Group’s expert consultants work closely with each client to develop the best practical solution, supporting a wide range of talent management and organizational development initiatives

  • Husys


    Husys is dedicated to build and manage HR departments for small & medium size organizations (SMEs)

  • Insystus


    Offers customized software development and maintenance services with offshore capabilities to leverage the cost

  • NextStep Recruiting

    NextStep Recruiting

    NextStep Recruiting ensures that each candidate will be reliable, professional, highly productive and fully qualified that they present to their clients

  • ScoutLogic Background Screening

    ScoutLogic Background Screening

    ScoutLogic provides a full suite of background checks including criminal background investigations, verification & reference checking, and drug testing to perform FCRA compliant background checks

  • Sentinel Background Checks

    Sentinel Background Checks

    Helps implement a compliant background screening program based on client’s industry’s requirements and employment screening best practices

  • Sirius Solutions

    Sirius Solutions

    Sirius Solutions is a professional services firm focused on improving the operational and financial performance of its clients

  • Talent Lifecycle Designs

    Talent Lifecycle Designs

    Designs custom programs across the talent lifecycle, in three areas of practice - Talent Attraction & Acquisition, Learning & Growth, Culture & Engagement

  • The Stakeholder Management Group

    The Stakeholder Management Group

    Offers talent acquisition and recruitment services as well as employee experience measurement products to improve business performance