TalentQuest: Right Talent at the Right Time

Frank Merritt, CEO , TalentQuestFrank Merritt, CEO
The employee recruitment system has changed overtime from a restricted desk-and paper-based activity to an advanced set-up which uses technologies like mobile, analytics, and cloud. Recruiters can now find right candidates at the right time for effective business management. They can post jobs online and use social networks to get referrals from engaged employees. Additionally, automated hiring has let organizations to develop software and eliminate biasness and discrimination from the hiring process. In the sprawling capital of Georgia, TalentQuest is transforming the recruitment and talent management by providing users integrated talent management solutions, based on technological advancements. “Our solutions aim at making our clients more competitive by hiring the right people,” states Merritt.

The firm’s talent management software suite helps employers to scrutinize the competencies and locate the areas to focus for the betterment. The cloud-based suite consolidates employee profiles, highlights their value and qualifications, and gives users a clear visibility into critical and unknown data about the employee. A candidate’s personality traits can be measured, identified, and compared against multiple benchmark profiles at once and the custom talent grid can be used to build a complete succession plan. Graphical representation of a candidate’s traits versus the benchmark profile helps employers to easily decide whether the person is a right fit for the post. The product is available in over twelve languages and seamlessly integrates with the users’ tracking system.

Besides, the software also aligns goals, revenue, and production targets to increase productivity and Return on Investment (ROI). Users are bestowed with the ability to integrate talent management functions, align pay with performance, and communicate organizational compensation guidelines while ensuring compensation recommendations.

With the assistance of powerful search features, and an intuitive user interface, it presents profiles and data import integration.

Our software provides assessments of personality and problem-solving skills which is highly valuable for improved retention and increase in productivity

The product also conducts multi-perspective evaluation, selection assessments to hire the right candidate and lower administrative costs and management efforts while achieving greater operational efficiency with electronic performance appraisals.

The talent management platform binds Business intelligence (BI), predictive analytics, and behavior science with the help of TQ Insights platform. It provides behavioral information and insights throughout the talent management lifecycle, helping managers to offer effective feedback and coaching employees. TalentQuest Reporting and Analytics enables visualization of the company’s talent management in real-time. Standard reports, on-demand access, and several other real-time reports can be created seamlessly with just one click. “Data can now be leveraged in even more innovative and aggressive ways throughout the talent management lifecycle,” says Merritt.

In an instance, TalentQuest’s software assisted Georgia Bankers Association (GBA) for better management of their HR team. Previously, the bank conducted Computer Psychological tests for recruitment. But With TQ Selection Assessments, candidates were given a pre-employment evaluation to help determine their suitability for a position and their fit within the banking culture. Their results were compared to one or more GBA-specific benchmark profiles that have been developed for several positions. In addition to the comparison to benchmark, profiles also pointed out potential limitations of the candidate for a position. With TQ Performance Appraisals, regular performance reviews become easier, consistent, and user-friendly.

“Our software provides assessments of personality and problem-solving skills which is highly valuable for improved retention and increase in productivity,” states Merritt. Forging ahead, the firm aims at modifying their product and services to facilitate better management of talent. “We will try to give our very best to serve our clients and make their companies successful,” concludes Merritt.