Saba Software- Engage and Inspire: The New Way

Phil Saunders, CEO, Saba SoftwarePhil Saunders, CEO Many garages, basements, and dorm rooms in San Francisco are testimonies to the success of tech giants like Google and Amazon that started scripting their way to fame from within those four walls. Saba Software’s history resembles these big names not only in terms of the genesis but also the success journey. Nestled in a tiny garage in the Bay Area in 1997, Saba Software played a pioneering role in Learning Management System (LMS) solutions. Fast forward to today, the company has become a global player providing transformational talent management solutions. The company has a simple formula to deliver efficient talent management software: Start with people at the nexus of every business. With this ideology, Saba provides talent management solutions through innovative ways to help people grow and thrive in an organization. For Saba, the people aspect is crucial, whether it is building the solution or the team. Their focus on people takes talent transformation to the next level. “Our people have been at the forefront of the talent management evolution, changing the way organizations optimize business growth and success through new ways of managing and engaging their people,” explains Phil Saunders, CEO, Saba Software.

Successful organizations are established upon a robust people-centric talent management strategy. However, they need equally functional software that supports their mission. Saba’s talent management system perfectly fits the bill for organizations that require useful software to back their talent management programs. The system takes into account the everyday work experiences which can be a dealmaker or a deal breaker for employee engagement. With this information, it helps organizations create a refined experience for their people, allowing them to learn and grow as a team. Be it real-time coaching, goal-setting, and feedback, or learning and collaboration, the company delivers a personalized experience on any device to aid employees to thrive. With Saba’s system, a company’s workforce gains complete talent experience from their mobile devices.

Our people have been at the forefront of the talent management evolution, changing the way organizations optimize business growth and success through new ways of developing and engaging their people

The system is designed to nurture high-performance culture, deliver engaging experiences for employees, and entrust necessary insights to talent leaders, and in turn, make a substantial impact on an organization’s success.

Stronger Foundation to Learn and Grow

As in any sphere of life, learning and developing is a prolonged task and not a once-in-a-while activity, the same rule applies to the learning and development process of employees within an organization. In fact, it is a business-critical priority to increase employee performance, make them competitive, and improve employee engagement. However, most learning systems in the market are built for compliance-driven annual training. In this scenario, Saba’s comprehensive and continuous learning management system emerges as disruptive software that helps organizations design and deliver modern learning and development experience to their employees. Organizations don’t have to sacrifice on learning the tools and insights on employee development and connectivity to drive a high impact learning program and a high-performance business. With Saba’s learning management system, organizations can engage their people in the most natural learning activities with social, informal, micro, video, and mobile learning mediums, leading to their essential skill and career development.

Most of the performance management programs adopted by organizations are a once-a-year experience that fails to capture the continuous employee feedback process. Such solutions can cause a hiatus in the performance management and evaluation process, but Saba’s solution allows organizations to develop a culture of ‘always on’ employee feedback and coaching to align, engage, and inspire people to achieve desired results. The company’s agile performance management system enables organizations to prepare descriptive reviews and align employee goals with their business strategy to build synergy. Managers and employees can now gain a complete picture of performance by gathering holistic employee feedback.
Employee engagement is the key to organizational success, and so is for Saba. The company’s engagement solutions provide a platform for people to provide their feedback. These solutions also deliver the necessary tools and guidance people need to work, learn, and grow together. Saba’s engagement solution prepares companies to listen to their employees and continuously measures the pulse of their organization. With the valuable information gleaned from Saba’s employee engagement surveys, businesses can mold their responses, understand employee needs, and act on their input.

An engaging recruitment process is the first step toward building a robust employee engagement environment. That said, the recruiting software should be collaborative and intelligent. Saba keeps these attributes in mind and offers the most efficient recruiting software that gives hiring teams the boost they need to onboard top talent and engage them early as they start their career with an organization. Using Saba’s recruiting software hiring managers can initiate the talent acquisition process with intuitive workflows and tap into the talent network efficiently. The solutions are designed such that the hiring dashboards and collaborative groups are accessible and connected through a mobile app to tether the hiring teams in smart ways. Organizations can further leverage the software to help new employees become a productive team member by creating a tailored plan that prepares them for new endeavors within the organization.

Talent Transformation—The Mission

Human capital management is evolving faster than ever in the history, and innovative technologies power it. Saba continues to provide customers with talent management tools that foster an exceptional employee experience, eventually resulting in better business outcomes. “Saba is dedicated to create solutions that transform talent management, improve the employee experience, and drive growth, innovation, and productivity for our customers,” says John Hiraoka, Chief Strategy Officer, Saba Software. “We’re proud of the business impact our customers have realized with Saba—their success is a testament to the tangible business value of delivering high impact, personalized, and ongoing learning, performance, and engagement.”

"Saba is dedicated to create solutions that transform talent, improve the employee experience, and drive growth, innovation, and productivity for our customers"

Backed by a knowledgeable and passionate workforce, Saba aims to continue taking advantage of the strategic opportunity that’s ahead of them; innovating across its product portfolio, engaging more with customers, and continuing to expand its leadership position in the markets they serve.
- Akanksha Minz
    August 22, 2018