Saba: Augmenting the Talent Management Experience

Pervez Qureshi, President and CEO, SabaPervez Qureshi, President and CEO
Nowadays, the decision makers across all organizations are moving beyond the traditional approaches while performing tasks that involve human capital. To remain in sync with the business needs, the companies are striving to stay responsive to the rapidly evolving job market and expectations of tech savvy employees. As a result, enterprises are rampantly deploying advanced technology tools and software to conduct procedures ranging from recruitment to retention. However, numerous challenges persist around the implementation of latest talent management solutions that promise benefits like ease of use, accessibility, and integration with the incumbent talent evaluation systems. Redwood City, CA based firm, Saba provides a cloud-based Intelligent Talent Management solution for recruitment, development, and engagement of employees. The company endeavors to create solutions that would address the needs that are related to career enhancement of every employee in the client’s organization. “Saba offers the incredible combination of a flagship talent management platform and a superb customer base,” says Pervez Qureshi, CEO, Saba.

Leveraging its cloud nativity, the talent management solution empowers users with the ease of accessibility. Further, machine-learning algorithms that are a part of predictive analytics platform in the solution provides intelligent and personalized guidance to the employees, managers, and the HR to find the information and expertise they need to lead and succeed. The solution also has an in-built mobility feature that enables the users to access and upload the information from anywhere and anytime. Additionally, the platform is available on both mobile application platforms, Google Play and Apple App Store, and enables almost every smart-phone user to access the services.

Saba’s offering also helps to pool relevant data from existing talent management system and derives this expertise by leveraging its partnership with 100 and plus companies such as LinkedIn, and TalentBin.

Saba offers the incredible combination of a flagship talent management platform and a superb customer base

This unique capability assists organizations to easily streamline and expedite learning, compliance, and recruitment processes. Saba guarantees about 99.9 percent uptime through its service level agreement and its solution meets the best standards in cloud security including SSAE-16, AT101 and ISO 27001.

Owing to its simplicity, the solution finds use cases across industries and has contributed immensely to enhancement of talent management processes. For instance, Yum! Brands that own KFC, Pizza Huts, and Taco Bell as its subsidiaries, faced problems in its staffing that comprised nearly 1.4 million associates who were geographically dispersed and also needed training to facilitate real-time communication and collaboration. Upon implementing Saba platform’s learning module to impart the training to its workforce, the customers were able to load the course material on the solution. Also, the in-built Web-based VoIP reduced their communication expenditure. Yum! Brands also witnessed remarkable improvement in the employee retention rates in areas where Saba’s Learning Zone was utilized.

With nearly two decades of industry presence, Saba has been successful in achieving numerous goals for their clients. Its distinct predictive capacity alongside the ability to furnish relevant information to 31 million users across 195 countries, stand as the company’s core differentiating factors. To keep up with the market changes, Saba believes in iterating its offerings every year and layering them with automatic upgrades. Furthermore, the firm’s focus on delivering the solution that would ameliorate the talent management experience as well as its customer success team helps users to master new skills, perform at the highest level, and reach full potential. The growth prospects of Saba are better as the companies across the globe are taking steps to make amends with new talent management practices based on comprehensive, intelligent solutions.