Reliant: Inventive Next-Generation Talent Management Solutions

Chris Wright, CEO, ReliantChris Wright, CEO
With the rapid evolution of the talent management and HR software market, enterprises have realized that talent-sourcing strategies and innovative talent pipeline management practices are key factors for their business success. Organizations have seen acquisitions of the larger providers and various compelling start-ups making waves with technology that push social and mobile to new boundaries. Employees are also moving away from using computers and laptops to tablets and smartphones, transforming communications from phone and email to text and messaging. This trend has compelled many talent management and HR software firms to plan and design their solutions in order to make it more engaging to seamlessly carry out mundane HR functions.“Further, organizations want to engage employees through training and learning, providing performance feedback, developing employees, and helping them achieve their career goals,” says Chris Wright, CEO of Reliant. Well-positioned to address the current need, Reliant, a Tulsa, Oklahoma based firm has invested heavily over the past few years in transforming their robust solutions to mobile.

The company’s modules include a responsive design and work effectively for their clients on tablets and smart phones. “We have increased the social aspects of our platform by including tools that enable easy communication and collaboration between employees, which enhances engagement,” says Wright. Reliant’s integrated Talent Management solution assists companies through all phases of the post-hire lifecycle including Learning Management, Performance Management, and Succession Management. “Using our talent management solutions, clients will be able to create individualized learning and training plans for employees, present real-time performance feedback, and engage staff through interactive development plans,” adds Wright. To help clients improve employee retention, Reliant’s software ensures that firms hire, develop, and retain key talent and improve career longevity by developing a clear succession path for employees at all levels.

Our clients can create individualized learning and training plans for employees, present real-time performance feedback and engage staffs through interactive development plans

“In today’s business environment, decisions need to be made more rapidly. Leaders and managers cannot wait on monthly or even weekly reports and data,” adds Wright. Therefore, Reliant solutions provide real-time data through their scorecards and dashboards that facilitate manager’s ability to track individual and team performance.

The enterprise holds a track record of empowering clients to successfully manage their business operations. For instance, Love’s Travel Stops and Convenience Stores, a large privately held organization in the U.S. utilized Reliant’s Talent Management solutions to train and manage performance and succession across their enterprise. “Our solutions have helped Love’s significantly streamline their HR and training processes, reducing turnover and improving retention across their stores,” explains Wright. Love’s has also experienced substantial ROI, and have received industry recognition for their Learning & Development processes which are administered through Reliant’s software.

Being a user-centric firm, Reliant spent a tremendous amount of timedoing a complete overhaul of their Talent Management user-interface (UI)—moving to a completely responsive mobile environment. This was a substantial investment and has been extremely well received by clients. “We develop our products based on continuous feedback from both administrators and end-users of our platform,” asserts Wright. The firm takes a consultative approach with their clients and advises them on the ways to best use their solutions to support HR and Talent Management practices. “We have also invested in developing and implementation process that ensures business productivity and proficiency in a timely manner,” says Wright.

Building on creativity and innovation, Reliant will continue to be deliberate in their growth strategy. The enterprise plans to work with clients’ globally that are a good fit for their technology. “We will also deliver more noteworthy solutions that will truly benefit our customers,” concludes Wright.