NetDimensions [OTCQX: NETDY]: Personalized TMS for Better Learning

Jay Shaw, CEO, NetDimensionsJay Shaw, CEO
In todays’ information age every organization is competing to effectively and efficiently manage and distribute their resources and knowledge flow among their employees in order to achieve business goals. Talent management plays a major role in this regard, ensuring every employee is compliant with the current industry standards and trends. Not only just hiring, retaining and engaging employees, managing appraisals and monitoring 360° work performance, today HR or talent managers also need to ensure millennials have correct training and development tactics to help company achieve the goal. Jay Shaw along with Ray Ruff co-founded NetDimensions with a vision to deliver products that would enable its global clients to distribute knowledge to all members in the organization in the shortest possible time anywhere in the world. NetDimensions, with headquarter in Hong Kong, is a Talent Management Solution (TMS) provider that personalizes learning procedure, enhances performance, fosters employee collaboration and manage compliance programs for global or local enterprises and government agencies. “We are a software company that creates TMS for clients in high consequence industries to meet regulatory requirements while managing their workforces and getting day-to-day job done,” says Shaw, CEO, NetDimensions.

The firm’s quintessential solution ‘The Talent Management Suite’ especially focuses on compliance, learning and performance management, and mobile solutions with a global colloquial touch. This mobile-enabled suite is available in more than 40 languages for clients based in more than 50 countries worldwide. It consists of three major platforms which include NetDimensions Learning, NetDimensions Performance, and NetDimensions Analytics. The NetDimensions Learning is multilingual learning management system, which assists companies to manage the entire learning and development process in a highly personalized learning environment for employees, administrators, managers, instructors, compliance officer and IT directors. While highlighting its key aspects, Shaw says, “this robust platform helps companies manage the delivery, reporting training and assessments and record keeping for all of their internal and regulatory needs.”

We are a software company that creates TMS for clients in high consequence industries to meet regulatory requirements while managing their workforces and getting day-to-day job done

Where lessons are important to efficiently run a company, measuring employee performance too has an imperative role in goal management. NetDimensions Performance simplifies this function for HR managers with a continuous enterprise performance and competency management approach by ensuring millennials are fitted in their job roles. However a truly efficient TMS is incomplete without accurate reporting and analytics. NetDimensions bridges this gap with its cloud-enabled business intelligence application ‘NetDimensions Analytics’. “Our analytics solution gives enterprises a perspective and descriptive analytics by unifying all the data generated within the system with other data sets,” says Shaw.

Not only just delivering a robust suite, it also ensures seamless deployment of the solution and end user client experience. “The most powerful technology in the world is completely useless if it can’t be effectively deployed,” thinks Shaw. “Our consulting partners, resellers and affiliates deliver the professional services to most efficiently deploy the technology and help our clients achieve success.” NetDimensions’ clientele comprises of 400 global and national organizations with nearly 4 Mn users. In one instance recently the company has worked with U.K. based independent home credit provider, Morses Club, to manage their regulatory compliance training for employees and agents to meet latest legal requirements. “All of the 2500 agents can access the Talent Suite and take their training on tablets or smartphones using the NetDimensions Talent Slate app remotely from anywhere and anytime,” explained Steve Wright, Head of Learning and Development at Morses Club.

As far as NetDimensions’ future plan concerns, the company will be in-line with their vision- ‘Learning shouldn’t chain people to desks and classrooms, it should free people to explore more.’