Model Match: Intuitive TMS for the Mortgage Industry

Kirk Waldfogel, Founder, Model MatchKirk Waldfogel, Founder
As most wealth managers and certified public accountants (CPAs) prefer to work independently, mortgage companies traditionally have faced an acute shortage of talented workforce. As Kirk Waldfogel, CEO, Model Match says, “Applicant tracking systems are irrelevant to the mortgage industry because loan originators with existing relationships are not out actively looking for jobs.” For more than 20 years now, Model Match Executives have been helping mortgage bankers, depositories, wholesaler and brokers alike overcome their recruitment problems. Model Match’s talent management system (TMS) provides the accountability and transparency that companies need. Model Match facilitates finding the right individuals by using proven methodologies to make sure the candidates perfectly fit.

Walking hand in hand with clients during the recruiting process, Model Match provides the necessary coaching to help drive engagement while interacting with the prospects. Waldfogel says that they spend a tremendous amount of time understanding the client’s business and will also contact the candidates on behalf of the client. Model Match’s Talent Acquisition Team will help to foster a relationship with candidates, work the model matching formula, and set up meetings on behalf of the client. The prospecting done by Model Match considers the culture, leadership, business, operations, technology, and geography of the candidate. They look at these data points in what they term as “The six core components” to suggest the right match to its clients.

Model Match addresses the existing gaps in talent acquisition by providing a TMS customized for mortgage that brings everything from targeted prospects and simple structure to recruiting pipeline management.

At the core, we have built a complete solution for managing recruiting activity, tracking lead flow and streamlining candidate hiring and retention

Moving away from messy spreadsheets and blind phone calls, recruiting managers now have a comprehensive pipeline view and targeted producers to hire. With a single source of truth, mortgage companies achieve accountability and visibility into their hiring.

Take, for instance, a large mortgage company which had no visibility in their talent search efforts. Model Match provides the company with hierarchical visibility required to match the client’s needs. The system provides tracking of all activity by their managers to the prospects and the results of those actions. It also exposes insights related to existing gaps in communication. Model Match’s TMS has helped them to identify the “right” candidates to target and increased accountability and efficiency around the activity needed to obtain quality hires. This success has driven the company to implement Model Match’s TMS in all of their areas of operation across 15 markets. In addition to TMS, Model Match also does recruitment services on the client’s behalf.

“At the core, we have built a complete solution for managing recruiting activity, tracking lead flow and streamlining candidate hiring and retention,” says Waldfogel. “As professional recruiters, we are experts in talent sourcing. Transferring this knowledge to our TMS and ultimately our clients offers them the ability to more effectively prospect and hire the best match.”

Successful businesses are all about getting the right people on board, nurturing and retaining them. Model Match is helping its client’s ace talent management and succeed like never before.