Hogan Assessments: Nurturing Talent and Future Leaders

Dr. Scott Gregory, CEO, Hogan AssessmentsDr. Scott Gregory, CEO
The success of any organization is directly proportional to how prepared their leaders are to respond to ever-changing business conditions. In today’s era of disruptive transformation, companies need to ensure their leaders are equipped with the right talent, skillsets, and that they possess the required leadership characteristics. However, identifying and grooming potential leaders for organizations to fill future leadership positions remains a major concern. Tulsa-based Hogan Assessment Systems, Inc., with 30 years of experience in the talent management arena helps solve this complex challenge using their analytics-based assessment solutions. “We use organizational data and conduct extensive research to facilitate custom solutions that are not fad-based but data-and research-based,” explains Dr. Scott Gregory, CEO of Hogan.

Having scientific rigor as the bedrock of their solutions, Hogan offers myriad assessment solutions catering to a wide range of needs—be it helping clients hire the best talent or providing them with self-awareness and insights for leadership development. Additionally, their portfolio of solutions consists of team-building products that are targeted at assisting team members to identify their core strengths, gaps, potential, derailers, and values. Addressing the training and development challenges for C-suite executives, the firm brings a seasoned expertise through the Hogan Coaching Network to provide coaching services that help corporate leaders gain strategic self-awareness, manage behavioral change for better results, and boost performance.

Hogan understands leadership job requirements in depth and follows a systematic methodology to address talent management issues.
“Our approach is to first listen to clients, as opposed to trying to lead with selling a product.” Gregory continues, “If we encounter a challenge that we have come across before, we search for solutions in our archive encompassing three decades worth of amassed data.”

Additionally, Hogan has a consulting team that provides expert guidance and technical assistance in research areas involving scientific questions and analytics. What differentiates them is their ability to apply the underlying psychological theory, a treasure trove of big data, and Kaizen Psychometrics, all of which help to predict important organizational outcomes from personality assessment data. Interestingly, Hogan’s assessment solutions have been translated into 47 languages and implemented in 56 countries to address talent management needs across different geographic regions, cultures, and languages.

To help clients build the internal capability to effectively use the assessment solutions, Hogan offers a world-class certification program designed for human resources professionals, industrial-organizational psychologists, coaches, and other stakeholders involved in conducting assessments, expertly interpreting results, and using assessment outcomes to address organizational challenges.

From implementation standpoint, Gregory discussed how a Fortune 100 blue-chip company approached Hogan while in the midst of disruption due to the advent of non-traditional competitors. Their major concern was they hired people who ranked high on the social tact and the ability to build relationships, but who weren’t necessarily performance-oriented and up-to-date with marketplace changes. As a result, the company’s operational performance suffered. The client wanted to hire the best leaders who could lead the organization amid increasingly fierce competition. Hogan developed a research plan that included understanding the current state, key characteristics of leaders hired in the past, key business challenges, and that identified leader characteristics, approaches, and skills required to build and sustain a more performance-based culture in the future. Consequently, the firm’s custom solution not only helped their client tackle leadership challenges in hiring and development, but also increased their return on investment.

Having a history of introducing ground breaking solutions to address various organizational problems, Hogan provides sophisticated analytics and benchmarks for clients across all industries and organizational levels. With an active research agenda on leadership across cultures, the firm continues to innovate and create new products and research-based solutions.