Halogen Software: Identifying Potential Talents

Les Rechan, President and CEO, Halogen SoftwareLes Rechan, President and CEO
With the rising employee turnover, companies today are struggling to attract, retain, and engage top talent. According to a report by Research and Markets, the global talent software market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.59 percent over the period 2013-2018. However, the real challenge for an organization is to integrate today’s talent management technology with a focus on business outcomes, introducing new data-driven processes to hire, manage, engage, and truly support people. Halogen Software, a Canada-based provider of a complete suite of web-based products, specializes in automating, simplifying, and integrating performance appraisals, job descriptions, and recruitment processes. “Our solution, TalentSpace helps our customers to better engage their people, realize the highest levels of performance and achieve the outcomes that matter most to their businesses,” says Les Rechan, President & CEO, Halogen Software.

Halogen Software offers an organically built cloud-based talent management suite that reinforces and drives higher employee performance across all talent programs—be it recruiting, performance management, learning and development, succession planning or compensation. The suite portrays the company’s powerful and configurable software that ensures the alignment of talents to business strategy for winning results. “Our strategy focuses on growing our market share and existing customer share of wallet, by delivering solutions that amplify our competitive differentiation while helping our customers drive superior business outcomes,” says Rechan. The company has made significant progress, which eventually positions it to deliver even greater value to its customers, and drive profitable growth for Halogen.

The company’s complete suite of web-based solutions finds wide adoptions across many different use cases. For instance, the Black River Memorial Hospital in Wisconsin was going through an accreditation process within their healthcare organization.

Our solution, TalentSpace helps our customers to better engage their people, realize the highest levels of performance, and achieve the outcomes that matter most to their businesses

By adopting Halogen TalentSpace suite, the hospital improved its patient satisfaction portfolio and employee engagement. “Halogen Software improved our net operating margin as an organization, which really helped to position us going into the new healthcare reform,” extols Holly Winn, VP of Ancillary Services and Human Resources, Black River Memorial Hospital.

Through the talent management solutions, the company aims to build a world-class workforce that aligns, engages, and inspires people to achieve the results that matters the most to their business. Halogen Software also helps organizations to build deep bench strength and strong leadership skills across all critical areas of businessess with competency-based talent-pools that nurture top-talent and ensures to retain a highly skilled and engaged team force.

Organizations today have a strong need to focus on career development, growth, and stimulation as a way to support job satisfaction and retention. Investing in employee development not only expands employee capacity and ability to contribute, but it also translates into a range of business results. Fulfilling these needs, Halogen Software Suite has a tremendous impact on employee productivity and engagement. However, the bottom line is that the line managers need to support themselves and HR plays a critical role here in providing the guidance, tools and systems that enable managers to help their employees succeed. Halogen Software believes that everyone deserves to be a leader and deserves the opportunity to develop his or her own leadership skills. As a fast-growth company, employee and leadership development is a critical area of investment to ensure people are the lasting competitive advantage.