Fidello: The Human Performance Specialists

Christopher L. Bjorling, President, FidelloChristopher L. Bjorling, President
Fidello is a consulting and product development firm that has been in business for over 30 years. They specialize in optimizing employee performance and relationships with management. Christopher L. Bjorling, President of Fidello, says, “The goal of Fidello is to take core HR functions and integrate them with a company’s philosophies and culture. These integrated capabilities will help an organization effectively manage the entire careers of their employees.”

Unlike many talent management software developers, Fidello comes with an open mind and a fresh page. Bjorling explains it this way, “Our software is flexible enough to mix and match its capabilities, using them as building blocks to create solutions that specifically meet the individual needs of our clients.”

Fidello can quickly configure tools and software components into something that resonates with the culture of an organization. Bjorling explains, “In this process, we don’t want to overwhelm our clients with capabilities and onscreen information not relevant to our client’s needs. We customize the software to enable you to do what is needed at the time. This makes our software easy to use and very user-friendly for the organization and the employees.”

One of the significant trends Bjorling sees is the use of feedback in performance management. He said, “The millennials have a desire to understand feedback from their peers (the social aspect of work). And they also want to learn and develop. These drive their engagement and satisfaction. We’re enabling our tools to be more open and adaptive to solicit instantaneous feedback.”

Christopher shares a success story involving their work with a highly technical organization. The company’s workforce was very skilled, but it was taking them almost two years to get employees up to full speed. During this lengthy process, they saw a lot of attrition.

Our software is flexible enough to mix and match the capabilities and to utilize them as building blocks and create the solutions that specifically meet the needs of our client

Fidello assessed the situation and saw that the company wasn’t putting very much thought into their hiring process. So Fidello helped the company create a set of job-specific behavioral competencies for each position. Based on these competency sets, Fidello helped the company create competency-based behavioral interview questions to use during interviews. A post-hire competency assessment was conducted with the new hires, and its outcome provided individually focused development plans. These actions not only helped the client hire more competent workers, but also enabled them to greatly reduce the time and cost of training.

Through the competency assessments, they were able to create a prescriptive learning path, or platform, which allowed them to focus on the development plan appropriate to the individual. When all was said and done, the time to full productivity for those workers was reduced from two years to less than eight months. The client was able to be more competitive in the marketplace because they had their workforce producing at a higher level of efficiency and with less turnover.

Christopher credits the positive work environment at Fidello to the importance of relationships in both his professional and personal life. “I work with a lot of community organizations in a variety of ways. Having and building those relationships with people is important because it creates a sense of camaraderie and purpose. We want to make sure we have similar relationships with our clients. And through those relationships, we can create a level of trust to provide recommendations and to help them put together both their short-term and long-term plans.”

It’s that aspect of our business that makes me feel good when the day is over. Sometimes we lose money, sometimes we make money, but when I can enjoy my relationships with our clients and know they’re doing well and moving forward, it’s a great day!”Bjorling signs off.