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Christopher Bjorling, President, FidelloChristopher Bjorling, President While organizations spend millions to identify and gain every possible competitive advantage, only a few capitalize on the potential in talent selection and recruitment. Companies must realize the value that talent management brings into their business strategy by governing one crucial asset—their people. Aptitude Research found that when companies invest in a recruitment marketing or an employee engagement platform, they are three times more likely to improve the candidate’s experience and twice more likely to boost their overall decision-making in talent acquisition. Despite these evident benefits, the same report shows that only 14 percent of talent acquisition teams adopt these solutions, and only a mere 2 percent fully utilize their functionalities.

Such low statistical figures indicate the difficulties that organizations face when choosing and implementing talent management solutions. They require technology that can help comprehend how well a potential employee’s skill set aligns with its objectives, the most efficient hiring process, how much growth is available to them, and many other hiring queries. At this juncture, Fidello takes the stage as a consulting firm specializing in improving human performance and developing systems for training, recruitment, and succession planning. Unlike other consultants or solution providers, Fidello does not offer a singular model to combat the clients’ employee management issues. Instead, the company tailors and adjusts its services to match the clients’ culture, business objectives, and the maturity level around talent. “Organizations need to reinvent themselves by considering a cradle to grave approach when managing their employees – it’s all about the employee experience,” begins Christopher Bjorling, President of Fidello.

Rebuilding Inefficient Processes

The reinvention and redesign process starts with Fidello interacting with the client’s workforce to understand the organization. Fidello’s team inquires about the client’s expected business outcomes, drills into the work culture, and gauges their acceptance of potential solutions. “We work with our organizational contacts to estimate the organization’s maturity,”adds Bjorling. Only through this exercise can Fidello create a solution that best meets the needs of the client.

Fidello also helps its clients overcome the challenge of succession planning. Traditionally, such planning is sequestered only for the C-suite and other high-profile posts. With Fidello’s services, organizations get a clear overview of their employees’ strong suits and stretch succession planning beyond a company’s top brass. Its competency-based HR systems can identify potential candidates whose skills and knowledge match those required by key positions. This ability opens up new avenues for technological development and builds trust between employees and their business leaders.

Our software gives companies the ability to maintain and update employee information, and have it readily available for communication among platforms

Nurturing a healthy work environment for all employees is a primary objective for every organization. Engagement surveys are held continually to summarize the workforce’s general disposition toward the organization and help leaders implement change in the right direction. Fidello’s services prioritize employees’ trust, and to maintain it, ensure that the changes proposed in these surveys are fulfilled. “Another pain point we help solve is when the hiring process and applicant tracking systems struggle to hire a suitable candidate,” says Bjorling. More often than not, hiring managers publish outdated or misinformed job descriptions and hire individuals for jobs that do not exist or are vastly different from those advertised. This inadvertently leads to a higher employee churn when the new employee realizes that it is not the career they were led to believe. Fidello’s recruitment services identify, define, and document strategic competency profiles for designing hiring tools. This results in an increased retention rate due to more accurate matching of individuals to the competency requirements and decreasing administrative time and effort.

A Veteran that Understands the Customer

Fidello was founded in 1987 to standardize training programs across the globe. What started as simple lessons stored on floppy disks eventually developed into digital learning and online HR services. With a team of key consultants who each possess over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing integrated systems for all spheres of human capital management, Fidello understands that flexible services and solutions are crucial in ensuring its growth. To achieve this, the company hands over version control to the customer. Previously, only the solution provider had the power to update their software to a new version. With Fidello’s solutions, however, clients have the liberty to customize the product at any point that they deem necessary.

The company tailors its solutions to the client’s needs such that they can easily use it to manage the workforce’s ever-changing requirements. “Our software gives companies the ability to maintain and update employee information and have it readily available for communication among different platforms,” says Bjorling. Sometimes organizations incur losses due to inefficiencies in the information pathway between their solutions. Fidello solves this issue by providing services and solutions that bridge the gap separating the customer’s software and create a bridge for all the data flowing between them.
This option gives a greater capacity to analyze the data. All employees—from new entrants to talent managers and HR specialists—can understand the impact they have on the organization as a whole. Without this ability, employees would belittle their importance to the growth of a company and be indifferent or even detrimental to any organizational strategy. “Just as an organization without a strategy is like a ship without a rudder, strategy without a link to its people is like a rudder without a ship,” adds Bjorling.

Services that Highlight Simplicity and Innovation

One of the organizations that Fidello had worked with aimed to revamp their HR department and reduce the span of control through all company levels. The firm’s strategy to achieve higher work efficiencies involved optimizing managers’ and employees’ time and scaling down the company’s pyramid height. Yet, even after partnering with a major consulting group, the client was no closer to their goal than when they started. They used a labor-intensive, spreadsheet-centric process that was too slow to categorize and report data flowing in from all sectors of the organization. Once Fidello entered the fray, it reconfigured its tools and gave the client a solution to oversee all interactions and better manage their capital—both fiscal and human.

"We work with our organizational contacts to estimate the organization’s maturity"

Additionally, their employees could quickly reload data-sets without the hassle of a spreadsheet. In the mere six weeks of engagement with Fidello, the customer could create ‘what-if’ scenarios and models in real-time and adjust the organization’s talent strategies accordingly. Eventually, the company could flatten their organizational structure and earned a subsequent spike in their stock prices.

Fidello aims to provide more aid in such situations in the future. The company intends to give clients almost complete autonomy in tailoring their solutions. With concise, user-intuitive products, Fidello’s programming team will have to provide only minimal assistance to clients during customization. Such a tool would prove extremely useful to a small-sized organization that requires flexibility due to its needs but does not have the resources for multiple employee management solutions.

In a statement that encapsulates the spirit of Fidello, Bjorling says, “Ours is an organization that stays true to ethics and integrity. Those are the two principles which we use to create the best processes and solutions for our clients. Our flexibility and inclusiveness helps forge a great employee experience, and ultimately, a successful organization.”
- Hanna Wilson
    December 15, 2020
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Christopher Bjorling, President

Fidello is a consulting firm specialized in improving human performance and identifying competencies that drive strategic results. Fidello has been delivering talent management solutions for businesses in different verticals. Utilizing the software, tools, and years of experience, Fidello has crafted solutions for removing redundancy in the workforce, irrelevant job descriptions, and adding skilled and knowledgeable workforce for achieving success in the respective business space. It simplifies logic for what should come next for a business's evolution. Fidello provides easy-to-use software and tools according to clients' requirements, which are quickly and easily operable and are user-friendly.