Fidello, Inc.: Purpose-built Tech and Consultative Expertise for Talent Management

Christopher L. Bjorling, President, Fidello, IncChristopher L. Bjorling, President
It is only when talent management tools and initiatives foster talent ‘upbringing’ that enterprises can begin to reap the benefits of a more synergic and value-driven workforce. Neither a bunch of HR tools nor sets of incentives or benefits can single handedly nurture employees. Although they may, to a great extent, motivate the workforce, their degree of effectiveness in having employees aligned to the unique cultural and progressive notions of an enterprise is less. Mapping and evaluating employee strengths and weaknesses, understanding their career preferences, and streamlining their growth through appropriate facets of the organizational hierarchy is no mean feat. A holistic approach that knits all the way through employee selection and recruitment, and development, planning, and execution, is imperative to ensure the progressive performance of the workforce. Combining their purpose-built technology stack with extensive vertical expertise is a company called Fidello that delivers a consultative approach to enable enterprises to profile and manage the continuum of their employee’s life in the organization and their performance over time.

Numerous global entities from various industry verticals rely on Fidello’s solutions and service offerings to gain in-depth and actionable insights, on their workforce talents and tendencies. “We provide modularization and customization of our software components to bring various aspects of talent management into solutions based on the unique requirements of each client,” says Christopher L. Bjorling, president at Fidello. HR Web is the flagship software upon which Fidello bases a plethora of service offerings. The product’s modules range from employee onboarding and interview survey tools, performance management, and workforce planning to name a few. Companies can analyze competency gaps among employees for specific job roles, strategize training and development, and plan succession with the active participation of employees, who can update their profiles and clarify their in-company career objectives through the platform.

We provide modularization and customization of our software components to bring various aspects of talent management into solutions based on the unique requirements of each client

Meanwhile, the administrators can gain single-point access to a variety of employee data that might otherwise be separated in different systems. As such, they can measure and spot talent that may prove to be most apt for promotion or business expansion. Fidello also offers a comprehensive Competency Catalog which, in effect, is a readily available inventory of general business competencies compiled and developed by Fidello’s consultants based on their experience servicing HR departments for over three decades. The Competency Catalog helps enterprises to find and set benchmarks for employee recruitment, training, development, and career management initiatives. Along similar lines, Fidello’s Leading Indicators is a research-based rating tool for organizations to assess potential leadership capacity of their employees.

One of Fidello’s clients, a global entity with a presence in almost every country in the world, had a fragmented and locally siloed exit-interview process, which restricted the company from being consistent in understanding why employees left. With Fidello, the client standardized the process across all their locations while still aligning it with local preferences. The company’s HR department could seamlessly initiate the process as and when the need arose; all relevant documents and employee credentials were streamlined into the process automatically.

One of Fidello’s key differentiators is the way they go about implementing their solutions for their clients. “We seek to understand the end-point results of what our clients need; we also will gain a clearer picture of the current assets that they have through our upfront data gathering. Given our long-standing experience in the talent management space for over three decades, there is nothing we have not seen or not done. In a way, the requirements of our client, however unique they may be, are always a variant of a solution we have previously addressed,” concludes Bjorling.