CoreHR: Intuitive Software Suite for Talent Management

David Scully, Product Innovation Manager, CoreHRDavid Scully, Product Innovation Manager
The proliferation of social media, mobile, and analytics in HR business processes has urged HR managers to employ robust talent management strategies, driving employee engagement, retention, and performance. Organizations are looking for intuitive Talent Management Solutions that meet their needs and help administrators track and manage the complete employee lifecycle. “Talent management platforms enable HR professionals to identify and retain the best employees, keep them motivated, and take the company forward,” says David Scully, Product Innovation Manager, CoreHR. With over 30 years of experience in the HR technology realm, CoreHR offers customer-specific talent management solutions that streamline HR practices and enhance operational efficiency in a cost effective manner. “Our talent management solutions are mobile, easy to use and help you solve complex challenges across your workforce,” asserts Scully.

The firm helps managers effectively engage employees by implementing the latest HR techniques, including onboarding, 360-degree feedback, and career path insights. CoreHR’s employee onboarding feature ensures that newly hired employees are well informed about the organization’s work culture and goals right from the start. CoreHR’s performance management tool enables users to take complete control of their career development through real-time feedback management. “Ongoing and meaningful review and appraisal system running from a single dashboard offers instant interactions, augmented with insights like key skills employees need to grow within the company,” states Scully. Managers can track the progress of a particular employee in a team and identify competency gaps to improve individual and organizational performance.

CoreHR’s succession planning facility allows organizations to build a ‘talent pool’ of potential successors, ready to step up for leadership positions. “We identify the ‘right talent’ that a company can promote immediately,” extols Scully.

Our talent management solutions are mobile, easy to use and help you solve complex challenges across your workforce

Talent management software’s live reporting functionality enables clients to orchestrate role assignments and work distribution, facilitating the skilled workforce to attain its complete potential.

Scully focuses on encapsulating all its talent management systems on mobile platforms, empowering users to access and analyze the entire process of managing talent and resources from anywhere, at any time. The firm’s fully integrated system of analytics, blended with a mobile platform, keeps users updated with information such as the best source of talent, their average tenure and payroll, and progress rate.

On one occasion, a prestigious university in the UK approached CoreHR to replace its manual, paper-based legacy system with CoreHR’s platform to streamline various processes. CoreHR provided insightful business intelligence layers coupled with intuitive reports and analytics. “Our system allowed the university to analyze and identify the best source of talented candidates,” extols Scully. The university was able to significantly reduce its advertising cost for recruitment and risks associated with paper-based processes. CoreHR’s comprehensive HR management solution allowed the client to make informed decisions for succession, retention, and policy planning in a financially controlled manner.

Being a provider of fully integrated talent management system, CoreHR delivers its ‘hire-to-retire’ software solution for various public and private sector organizations. Clients can straightaway start leveraging its capabilities due to rapid deployments the company offers through complimentary solutions like data migration software and reconciliation tools. CoreHR plans to introduce predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and calibration engines into its existing system, empowering managers with a completely automated HR management platform. “We are innovative and build everything with a mobile-first strategy to ensure our software works on all the platforms,while being secure and future-proof,” concludes Scully.