Auxillium - HRnetSource: Hybrid Approach for Small and Mid-size Companies

Jeff Moe, Founder and CEO, Auxillium HRnetSourceJeff Moe, Founder and CEO
HR professionals handle a broad range of responsibilities from recruiting, employee relations, hiring, training, performance management, and compliance. At small and mid-size companies, the challenge is to find a comprehensive system that supports these various roles. A 2015 study by Software Advice showed that 48 percent of small/mid-size companies who responded to their survey still used manual methods of tracking HR data. Auxillium aims to change that.

“Auxillium’s HRnetSource comprehensive HRIS is designed specifically for small and mid-size organizations to help with efficient and accurate tracking, analysis and reporting of HR data. The system includes Talent Management, Compliance, and CoreHR with robust reporting capabilities that even small companies need,” says Jeff Moe, an HR industry veteran and Founder/ CEO of Auxillium.

The enactment of the Affordable Care Act and its complicated reporting requirements alone has made an HR Information System (HRIS) a business imperative. Using excel spreadsheets is inefficient, duplicates efforts, and is prone to inaccuracies which can lead to hefty fines.

When selecting the right solution, HR professionals need to make sure the system is OPEN (for interfacing with other open systems) and FLEXIBLE (to be customized to meet unique needs). Recognizing that customers want a flexible system that allows for customizations (a limitation of SaaS and a strength of traditional software), Auxillium - HRnetSource took a creative approach by combining this strength with the latest cloud technology.

HRnetSource utilizes a HYBRID approach: traditional software (with an affordable, one-time perpetual license fee) and a choice of deploying in-house or in a “private cloud” (Virtual Private Server or VPS). This approach is more affordable than paying a SaaS subscription (per employee per month or PEPM) on an ongoing basis.

HRnetSource HRIS is designed for small and mid-size organizations. Using the hybrid approach: customers can deploy the system in-house or in a private cloud

The core database HRSource is software that HR staff can use forever without paying per employee monthly fees. HRnetSource makes use of the latest web and cloud technologies that let customers experience a cloud-based system where employees and managers can access their HR portal remotely.

In the area of Talent Management, HRnetSource has built-in Applicant Tracking, New Hire Processing, Onboarding and Performance Management modules. Succession Planning is supported by combining data in the Training/Certification, Job, and Skill modules.

Companies from different industries have unique processes and practices. It might be the Online Employment Application Form with qualifying questions to help identify the best candidates, new hire/ onboarding workflow for remote workers, or offer letter templates for various job types. Others may require integration with eSignature capability to further streamline the Onboarding process. Flexibility is the key. One client who successfully implemented HRnetSource Performance Management, wanted to expand the capability by adding a monthly Formal Observation process for employees looking for more frequent feedback and mentoring. HRnetSource was able to easily add this feature.

“We cater specifically to a well-defined niche: organizations with less than 1500 employees, looking for comprehensive HR functionality and a system that can be adapted to their specific needs,” adds Moe.

Many talent management solutions that help with Talent Acquisition, On-boarding and Performance Management are expensive. AuxilliumHRnetSource uses new concepts and aligns the right technologies to make the solution affordable, comprehensive, flexible and applicable to small and mid-size organizations