10Rule Strategy & Technology from Bottom Line Results, LLC- Optimizing People: Breakthrough Solution for Strategic HR Organizations

Chris McSwain, President, 10Rule Strategy & Technology from Bottom Line Results, LLCChris McSwain, President
In the contemporary world where competition is inseparable, global enterprises are busy trying to find the blueprint for talent enhancement to combat the myriad inefficiencies all companies currently experience with their workforces. Some strategic organizations are exploring behavioral science to bridge the gap between employee performance, and behavioral/physical wellbeing to enhance their business performance and employees’ lives. Researchers and employers have noticed many employees suffer from chronic physical and behavioral disorders alongside conditions such as lack of motivation, engagement, and a sense of entitlement. Often, these workers are constantly in a state of anxiety, depression, combativeness, and fear. This inevitably reduces their workplace performance and hampers their level of engagement. As traditional solutions used in the talent management and benefits functions have not worked well enough in boosting employee engagement, companies are in need of solutions that can actually provide breakthrough results.

This is where Bottom Line Results’ (BLR) 10Rule Strategy and Technology comes into play. Focusing primarily on clinical brain-mapping science and driven by a patented core metric, the offering gives companies the power to measure the brain’s cognitive root core and each employee’s performance thinking algorithms (PTAs). “Based on 15 years of R&D in clinical research on human development, BLR has developed and validated its secret sauce. The 10Rule Strategy and Technology provides the ability to scientifically measure individual PTAs in 10 minutes, then change the way an individual thinks and performs in 4-6 weeks— directly impacting each individual and ultimately the entire organization,” states Chris McSwain, the President of Bottom Line Results, LLC.
The 10Rule Strategy and Technology advances workforce development to a new level by empowering, engaging, and employing the people with the best cognitive performance— fit for their job, the top performers who increase productivity and drive business results. This pioneering technology measures key behavior drivers that impact performance levels, behavioral wellbeing, and engagement. It then filters and predicts a current or potential employee’s future success with 90 percent accuracy, and can change an individual on each of these fronts within 4-6 weeks using the fully-integrated suite of SaaS-based technologies.

10Rule’s offering is different because it is a metric-driven solution that targets the root source of performance and wellbeing to achieve measureable results and a return on investment. The 10Rule Technology Suite will Measure, Bench, Hire and Develop your workforce to the Top 10 percent performance level, all while boosting behavioral wellbeing. “We have solutions producing actionable information and coaching that is personalized, allowing our users to both measure and also change the way people behave at the cognitive level, all while creating a great experience for each individual,” asserts McSwain.

Additionally, the talent auditing product provides a crystal clear, board ready, heat-map of the overall performance gaps of the entire organization. McSwain highlights that workers can use the online talent development product for one hour per week and can experience behavioral changes within the timeline of just 4-6 weeks, unlike the traditional behavioral therapy sessions that take six months to over a year.

In one instance, 10Rule assisted River Ranch Fresh Foods to increase the new hire success rate and enhance their executive teams by bringing to light personal performance drivers of each peer group. “We are now 12 months after the buy-out and sales have experienced double-digit growth (well above industry trend rates), and EBITDA is up over 85 percent year-on-year,” says James I. Lucas, the CEO and President of River Ranch Fresh Foods, LLC.

McSwain highlights upcoming product development will automate coaching allowing for the 10Rule product suite to become even more cost effective, and a part of existing onboarding initiatives thereby providing workers an opportunity to start off at their personal best. Additionally, companies can ensure workplace performance from the very beginning via a modest investment in their employees’ personal and professional development that delivers a proven ROI and impact to business performance.